I am so pleased to share my love of food and adventure with you.  It is my pleasure to have found a career that supports my love for getting my hands dirty and my love for cooking food. My FORMAL educational background is in Advertising, Journalism and Culinary but my INFORMAL educational background is in 6 years of restaurant chefing and over 10 years of Foodstyling. As a Foodstylist I, now, get to combine my honed tactile skills with my favorite edible medium... food. My favorite part of being a Foodstylist is mixing my joy of food, art and relationships. Everyday I find myself in a new atmoshpere surronded by new people, hearing new stories and being confronted by new challenges.  I take it all on in stride and look forward to many new adventures in both print and film.  




Food is Fuel

Food is Medicine

Food is Love